What is it ?

Central tag is a retargeting service which allows ads to be retargeted within Advertisers campaigns.

The goal of the retargeting ads is to deliver the ads to the right recipient. This service makes it possible for Internet users to receive ads that are likely to interest them and which correspond to their needs and their desires.

How it works ?

Some cookies are inserted on the web page you are visiting. According to the situation, these cookies will collect :

  • The web pages you have visited recently
  • The products you are interested in
  • The information System (language, country, Operating System, Browser, etc.)

  • In no case do we collect your personal information (name, surname, address, e-mail address, phone number). As a rule, we know absolutely no information likely to identify you.
    We might collect the following information: age, sex, city or zip code, nevertheless this information remains anonymous and will not allow us to identify you.

    We only collect anonymous data : through the cookies, we store the web pages you have visited on our partners' website (websites which broadcast our ads) and possibly the products you have bought or you have appreciated. This allows us to identify the products or the information likely to interest you.

    The collected data is stored under an encrypted format and is not readable. The data stored in the cookie can be used only within ninety (90) days. The collected anonymous information can, in some cases, be collected to realize samplings and statistics analysis.

    This data is stored in secure servers and erased within ninety (90) days. If you would like more information, you could visit the website www.youronlinechoices.com, this website also allow you to opt-out from the retargeting services.

    To unsubscribe :

    To opt-out of the retargeting ads service, there is a simple procedure that allows you to deny this service. In order to opt-out, you may click on the following links :

    Click here to erase all the data collected by CentralTag on all its partners (visits, interests, etc.)
    Click here to unsubscribe to the CentralTag service and all the CentralTag personalized advertising. To opt-out you could also visit the website www.youronlinechoices.com.

    However, if you have already unsubscribed our services and if you want to benefit from our services again, Click here !

    Caution ! Your unsubscribe parameters are stored on a cookie, the deletion of all cookies through your Internet Browser will delete your subscription parameters. You will have to unsubscribe our service once again. Likewise if you use another Internet Browser or another computer you have to change the subscription parameters again.

    Security & Privacy

    We put in place an appropriate security level complying with the professional standards (firewall, data scrambling, etc.) to protect the collected information as much during the transmission as the receipt of the information. The data security cannot be 100 % sure, therefore we cannot guaranty complete security.

    Privacy: the collected anonymous data is neither transmitted, rented, sold or shared with a third party. Your information is not combined with other sources and is not shared with the websites which broadcast our advertisement. Nevertheless, in a case enacted by law, we may have to disclose the information at our disposal. If you have questions or if you want to signal a issue, please contact us through the following Contact form :

    The personal information which you transmitted, thanks to this online contact form will be only used to answer your questions or your requests and will not be used for commercial purposes.